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Meagan Spooner

Virtual Author Chats

If it’s not in your budget to bring authors in person to visit your classroom, library, or book club, then consider using Google Hangouts or Skype to bring them digitally! Right now, I’m offering free Skype/Google visits to classrooms, libraries, and other events with young readers. (Depending on time constraints and availability, I may not be able to continue offering them for free.) I love interacting with readers of all ages, but kids and teen readers are my passion, and there’s nothing like connecting with young people who love books. The great thing about the internet is that the sky’s the limit–you can do almost anything over video chat that you could do in person. I can give talks about writing and reading in general, host question and answer sessions about my books, lead workshops for aspiring writers, and dozens of other events on the horizon.

GooglePlus--@mehms Giver+SkylarkIf you’re interested in inviting me to your school or library via Skype, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email, and we can talk availability! Do please try to contact me in advance, to ensure time to coordinate schedules.