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Meagan Spooner


Sites for Writers:

Odyssey Writing Workshop — This workshop is where I got my start writing with a career in mind. When I was accepted I quit my job to go, which was a terrifying step to take, but I am so glad I did. Jeanne Cavelos is a wonderful teacher, and I learned more about writing and about being a writer in six weeks than I could’ve learned in six years on my own.

Plot to Punctuation — This is a site that offers freelance edting services, but they also have a great blog that costs absolutely nothing to visit. Chock full of great writing tips.

Duotrope — This site is an invaluable tool for the aspiring writer. Not only does it have a searchable database of just about every speculative fiction market out there, but it also has a free submissions tracker that supplies you with tons of information, and keeps track of it all in a handy little online package. This is geared more toward short stories than novels.

Query Tracker — A wonderful site for finding and researching literary agents. As with Duotrope, it provides a free tracking service that lets you log the dates of submission and response from the agents you query, so you never have to figure out whether you’ve already heard back or not. And trust me, when you’re querying, it’s easy to get that muddled.

Agent Query — Another great site for finding literary agents. I didn’t use this one as much as Query Tracker, but it’s definitely helpful.

Casey McCormick’s Literary Rambles — Casey McCormick’s blog is fantastic for a variety of reasons, but I especially love her Agent Spotlight segment. She gathers information into one spot about agents who specialize in children’s literature (although many do adult as well, so it’s worth checking even if you’re not a children’s writer) including submission guidelines, wishlists, interviews, response times, and buzz.

Adventures in Children’s PublishingThis is a wonderful blog full of tips and suggestions, and they do a mind-blowing weekly round-up of writing- and publishing-related posts. If you look at one blog regularly, look at this one, because it’ll link you to every other blog post you should be seeing. Plus, they do a ton of giveaways and contests–including a workshop that proved invaluable for snazzing up my query!



Alice Pope’s SCBWI Market Blog — This is a great site for learning more about the market, which I’ve come to realize is invaluable for writers. While I don’t believe you should attempt to write for the market (if nothing else it’s super unpredictable) I think a writer would be crazy not to know what’s going on in the market.

Shrinking Violet Promotions — Truly a godsend… a site that’s all about marketing and self-promotion for introverts! If the N-word terrifies you (that’s “networking,” by the way) then this is the site for you. They just finished doing a multi-week workshop on how to navigate the sometimes scary world of online networking and self-promotion.

Bookplate Ink — Authors looking for swag, look no further. I worked with this site on the SKYLARK bookplates, and the end result was extremely high quality, and exactly what I was looking for!


Other Writers:

Patricia C. Wrede — Not only was her Enchanted Forest series one of the absolute pillars of my childhood, but her blog is full of fantastic information about writing. She discusses craft and technique at a high level, and is definitely worth reading.

Let the Words Flow — This is a wonderful group of writers at every stage in the publication process. They post helpful tips and encouragement, as well as offering a critique partner matchmaking service if you’re looking for someone to read your work. I have quite a few friends in the group and can honestly say they’re lovely ladies.

Amie Kaufman — My friend and critique partner (and co-author for THESE BROKEN STARS!), without whom SKYLARK probably wouldn’t exist, and certainly wouldn’t exist as it does now. We work together at every stage of our various projects, and collaborate on works as well. Her site is full of great writing tips, too!

Kimberly Norman — Kimberly Norman runs a wonderful listing of authors who do school visits, organizing them by state to make it super easy to find authors near you. Go check her out!


Web Design:
Kim Nguyen — Like my web site? Unfortunately, I can’t take any credit for it. Kim Nguyen is a five-year design school graduate, and ridiculously talented; I’m sooo lucky to have her for a friend. If you like my site and think you might want to commission her for one of your own, definitely go check out her web site.


Ellen B. Wright — I have trouble figuring out where to put Ellen, because not only is she an incredible photographer, but she’s also a writer and an editor. She took my head shots, so literally — she makes me look good.