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Meagan Spooner

Title Change for Wrecked, and GIVEAWAY!

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WRECKED was one of those working titles that stuck. At first it was kind of a joke–one of our earliest readers often teased us about our book MASSIVE CRASH–but we came to really like the double meanings in it. Yes, it’s about a (space)shipwreck, but it also describes the processes that the characters go through, and how everything falls apart so easily.

But it’s also a very simplistic title, and doesn’t quite convey everything we’d like it to about the book. Yes, it’s a science fiction story, but it’s also a romance, and it’s also a survival tale, and it’s also a story about two people breaking out of the fates and lives pre-determined for them. So with a ton of brainstorming, and a lot of help from the brilliant folks over at Disney-Hyperion, WRECKED now has a brand spankin’ new title!

So without further ado, our new title is…


We’re really excited about this title change, and we want to share that excitement with all of you! So to celebrate, Amie and I decided to do a giveaway! The lucky winner will receive one of the following:

  • A query critique from both of us OR
  • A first five pages critique from both of us OR
  • A pre-order of a 2012 debut we’re psyched about – THRONE OF GLASS by Sarah J. Maas, WHAT’S LEFT OF ME by Kat Zhang, SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY by Susan Dennard, STORMDANCER by Jay Kristoff, SHADOW AND BONE by Leigh Bardugo–or the 2012 debut of your choice!
To enter, you can do any (or all!) of the following:
  • For one entry, comment on my blog and let me know what your favorite science fiction book is and why. If you haven’t read much science fiction before, tell me what science fiction book you’d really like to read!
  • For one entry, comment on Amie’s blog and let her know your favourite title, and why.
  • For two entries, add THESE BROKEN STARS on Goodreads (you earn two points if you’ve already added it)
  • For one entry, tweet about the competition (once a day – you can use this text if you like: Come celebrate @meaganspooner and @amiekaufman’s new title, THESE BROKEN STARS, & win books or critiques!
  • For two entries, blog or FB about the competition and leave us a link.
The contest will end at 11:59 PM EST on Monday, April 9th, so be sure to have all your entries in by then.
Be sure to include links to everything and add up your total points in the comments. (You only have to do this on either Amie’s blog OR my blog!) Also make sure we have a way to contact you!
Good luck to everyone, and thanks so much for celebrating our new title with us! Woo!
NOTE: This contest is now closed. The winner is CASSIE FRYE, who has chosen a five-page critique for her prize. Thank you to everyone who entered–we’re so glad you came to celebrate the new title for THESE BROKEN STARS!
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32 Responses

  1. Kat Zhang says:

    Congrats on the new title, Meg!! It’s so very pretty and is definitely a book I would check out on title alone, even if I didn’t know the awesome synopsis it comes along with! My excitement for its release just grows and grows :D

  2. Beth says:

    Awesome title! (And I think finding a good title is the most difficult thing to do.)

    I don’t read a lot of science fiction, but my favourite science fiction book ever was The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. It was challenging, with deep theological undertones. I read it at least ten years ago, but still think about it often.

  3. Julie Eshbaugh says:

    YEEEE!!! Meg this is wonderful news! Such a poetic title. *swoons* I agree with Kat; I would pick up this book on title alone. Congrats to you and Amie!!!

  4. Aghhh! I love-love-LOOOOOVE the new title, Meg!!! Chills!!!!!!

    Congrats!! <3

  5. I love this title! Congrats on picking one that will definitely make people stop and pick up the book. :)

    I recently read Under the Never Sky and loved it. I’m not sure if it’s my favorite sci-fi novel (that might be Ender’s Game), but it’s one I really like.

  6. Erica says:

    I love the new title! It’s so poetic and awesome sounding :)

    My favorite sci-fi novel would probably be The Pearl Wars by Nick James – it was really well done.

  7. I love Ender’s Game, and The Sparrow, and A Wrinkle in Time, and Dune. Great books, all.

  8. Angelica says:

    I love the new title of your book. It’s perfect. As for my favourite science-fiction book…

    …that would be Interworld Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves because it is an amazing meta-verse story. It’s all about Joey Harker who is drawn into a battle between the many worlds from the high fantasy to the high technological and the only ones who are able to stand in the way are the incarnations of himself that come from each world. It was a thoroughly great read and I really, REALLY, enjoyed it!

  9. Meagan, your new title is just gorgeous! I love titles with the words STAR or STARS in them. Huge improvement. I’ve entered in all the ways possible, so I will also enter here by saying that probably my favorite sci-fi book was SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES by Ray Bradbury. Or possibly, FAHRENHEIT 451. I love Bradbury’s way of creating mood and story, and his word choice is always so precise. I don’t know if those count exactly as sci-fi, though they’re often on sci-fi lists. I’ve never read DUNE, and keep meaning to.

  10. I already had this added to goodreads, so that’s two points. And my favourite SF story, the one that made me fall in love with the possibilities of the genre, is still Elizabeth Moon’s Hunting Party.

    (So that’s 3 points for me!)

  11. Sari Webb says:

    Yay congrats, Meg! Love the new name. It definitely conveys all that you wanted.

    I don’t read a whole lot of sci-fi, but I read Across the Universe and recently started The Windup Girl, which is kinda dystopian sci-fi. I’ll definitely be reading These Broken Stars. :)

  12. It’s a wonderful title, Meg. Group hug! Whoever came up with that one deserves some champers!

  13. Wonderful title. I’m afraid I’m kind of old school. My favorite science fiction book is Fahrenheit 451. I think it is arguably the most important science fiction book of the 20th century.

  14. Laura Hughes says:

    Congrats, Meg!! Now I’m dying to know the new titles for book 2 and 3 (if there will be?).

    My ‘favourite’ sci-fi book is probably the first one I remember reading, STARLIGHT CRYSTAL by Christopher Pike. I haven’t read it in years, so it might very well suck, but I remember devouring it one Spring Break as my family drove from Toronto to Florida, and that brings back lots of nostalgia!

  15. Nick says:

    Congratulations Meg on the awesome news and the excellent title. I’ve obviously seen Amie, but wanted to pop over here and congratulate you too.

    Whilst I’m here, my favourite sci-fi book is probably Iain M Bank’s “The Player of Games”. I love the idea of the Culture and have often wondered how good I’d be at Azad.

  16. Congrats! :D

    My favorite sci-fi book is probably A MILLION SUNS by Beth Revis. And I added it to goodreads! :D

  17. Amie Kaufman says:

    Our beloved reader still can’t believe we didn’t call it MASSIVE CRASH. Apparently we could have just put a giant picture of a spaceship crash on the front and it would have been a hit. Opportunity missed!

  18. Soumi Roy says:

    The new Title is awesome and enchanting.
    My favorite Science fiction is The Time Machine by H.G. Wells , We always have dreamed about Time Travel and this book shows our fantasy can be possible some day and what can be the outcome if we try to change the order of nature.
    My goodreads to read link where I added this book :
    Tweeted :!/SoumiRoy1/status/187510069502554112
    Facebook :!/permalink.php?story_fbid=379074705447721&id=100000355848456
    Sum up entries :
    added in goodreads : +2
    Comment : +1
    Tweeted : +1
    FB : +2
    comment over to Amy’s blog’s : +1
    Total : 7

  19. I LOVE the title, Meg and Amie!!! I think it’s fabulous. Poetic and mysterious and intriguing. xoxo

  20. JC says:

    Hi Meagan! I’m a relatively new reader of your blog but I like the idea of Skylark and this title also sounds very exciting.

    My favourite science fiction is the Will Buster series (if I had to pick a book, I’d choose Will Buster and the Crucible Choice). It depicts a technologically-advanced future in which a scientist has discovered a way to modify people’s brains through the use of a helmet. I found it very interesting and thought-stimulating as it touched on many social and ethical issues, especially because the driving force behind the series is the struggle between those who believed in the use of technology for improvement of society and those who believed there was a limit to what should be done to achieve this. The detailed way in which the author described the way everyday life was so heavily dependent on advanced technology was very convincing, and it was fun to read about how these futuristic characters see our world today.

    (Haha, I’m sorry that was so long. I tried to keep it short, but I do like the series very much.)

  21. I hate choosing a favorite, because there are so many amazing sci-fi books. The first one that leaped to mind today was Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. It’s so well written, rather classic, and probably the one I’ve read most often, so that will do.

    There are also a number of dystopias I adore, which tend to fit under the sci-fi umbrella. I’ll say Feed by Mira Grant, because it’s awesome, although it’s not too far in the future.

    Thanks for the amazing contest. I have my eyes on What’s Left of Me. :D

    Commented on Amy’s blog as well
    Added on Goodreads.

    Total: 5 entries.

  22. Gabriella says:

    My favourite science fiction..? Its been a while since I read any actually. I liked The Host by Stephanie Meyer. It was pretty different from anything I’d read before and it just stuck with me. I also liked Jennifer Armentrout’s Obsidian. Does that count as Sci-fi. It has a sexy alien in it :)

    I added These Broken Stars on Goodreads (under: Gabriella)
    I tweeted about the contest (!/Gabelle_M/status/188439901614776320)
    I commented on Amie’s blog (under: Gabriella)
    Total: 5

  23. sarah kozlowski says:

    Hi, I love the new title,
    It’s hard to choose a favorite sci-fi book but I would choose Arena by Karen Hancock because it was the book that introduced me to the genre.

  24. Jayjay Atanacio says:

    Thanks for this awesome contest!

    Email: fallendream03 AT gmail DOT com

    Added These Broken Stars on my looking4ward shelf :D

    Favorite Science Fiction book would be… Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card! I’m currently reading it and it is waaaay too awesome!



  25. Michelle L. says:

    I haven’t read a lot of science fiction, but the most recent one I’ve read is Cinder by Marissa Meyer. It was great although not it was more YA than science fiction.

  26. Cassie F. says:

    I don’t read much science fiction, but I loved Cinder and Across the Universe. Haven’t had a chance to read A Million Suns, though.

    darcyette AT hotmail DOT com

  27. Llehn says:

    A Long , Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan. It’s an amazing retelling of Sleeping Beauty set in the future and SB happens to be one of my fav stories!


  28. I can’t figure out how do I subscribe for your weblog

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