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Meagan Spooner

The Skylark Trilogy is Complete…

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Order your copy of Lark Ascending: Indiebound | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository Today was the release of the final book in my Skylark trilogy, Lark Ascending. Any book launch is a hugely emotional thing—years of work boiling down into one single day, when you send this thing you’ve created out out of your blood and your tears into the world […]

All KINDS of Sneak Peeks!

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Hey guys! As some of you know, I have a newsletter with my fabulous co-author, Amie Kaufman. On it we do share news about our books, but we also include articles about the industry, interviews with other professionals like editors, agents and other authors, and behind the scenes glimpses. This month, though, we’re going to […]

Mega Prize Pack Giveaway–and Newsletter!

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It’s newsletter time–and GIVEAWAY time! Amie Kaufman and I now have a joint newsletter, where you can receive all the latest news on our books, as well as information about upcoming signings and events, writing advice and tips, exclusive contests, and sneak peeks at secret upcoming projects! What’s more, by signing up for our newsletter […]

Cover Reveal for THESE BROKEN STARS!

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Did you come here looking for In Search of the Write Space? Well, too bad. You’re getting something different today. There are still book to be won, though. Oh, are there ever books to be one. Guys, it’s finally here. It’s FINALLY HERE! The cover for THESE BROKEN STARS is live today–RIGHT NOW! I could […]

Signing Schedule and Updates!

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It’s been a busy couple of months on my end, and I haven’t done much updating here outside of the Write Space series. I like looking at other authors’ desks (and giving away their books) a lot more than I like talking about what I’m doing, though, so that suits me fine! Be sure to […]

Big Announcement… and Postcard Extravaganza!

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First of all, before you do anything else, click over to Crits for Water and check out today’s auction! Amie and I are giving away a critique, PLUS Adams Literary will look at your query, PLUS (seriously, this package is crazy) Disney-Hyperion editor Laura Schrieber will read your first chapter AND call you on the […]